Welcome to Spring in Ohio. Or at least the calendar says it is Spring. One day itís 60 degrees and sunny. The next day itís 30 degrees and snowing. Opening day at the baseball park signals the start of one of my favorite seasons of the year. And opening day at the Columbus Clippers Cooper Stadium is this week. I will be there rain or shine.

~ Pamela A. Martin (1973) Newsletter Editor

My mother, Genevieve Menkel Martin (1948) has had several setbacks to her health since Christmas (she is now struggling with both Alzheimerís and Parkinsonís Diseases) and we have had to move her into a new facility that is more safe and secure for her. She can now be contacted at 3570 Heritage Club Drive, Room # 303, Hilliard, Ohio 43026, (614) 876-0098. Mom celebrated her 75th birthday on April 1st and enjoyed visiting with you and receiving your cards and phone calls. We hosted a potluck luncheon birthday party for her and she had a wonderful time. Thank you for making it a special day for her!

Class of 1952

Your 50th Reunion will be celebrated at the Annual Reunion Luncheon on Saturday May 4, 2002. You will be receiving a complimentary newsletter with luncheon reservation information.

Please contact: Charlotte Mindling Marmon, 939 Sunset Drive, Anderson, Indiana 46011, (765) 643-0110

Class of 1953

Your 50th reunion is right around the corner! Please contact: Wilma Johnson Hagely, 4100 Woodbridge Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220, (614) 451-2169

Class of 1955

Your classmates are already planning for your 50th reunion in 2005. Several of you are missing. Does anyone know the whereabouts of these ladies?

  • Phyllis Ann Black Ross
  • Melva Smith Colgrove
  • Charlotte Snider Cortes
  • Helen Caldwell Swift

Please contact: Betty Thompson Richards, 9661 Falls Spring Road NW, Dundee, Ohio 44624, (330) 878-7197

Class of 1957

The Class of 1957 will be having their 45th reunion this Spring. They are planning a coupleís weekend in addition to attending our luncheon. Several classmates are missing:

  • Mary Lou Smith Carsey
  • Clara Sheets Shonting
  • Marianne Amicon
  • Shirley Gongwer Shontig
  • Katherine Anderson Conroy

Please contact: Carolyn Ruble Fisher, PO Box 177, Rushville, Ohio 43150, E-mail: LCFISHER@GREENAPPLE.COM

Class of 1958

You will be celebrating your 45th reunion next year! Already plans are being made for your special luncheon and several members of your class are gathering names and current addresses. Please contact: Ann McCarley Wetherbee, 4212 Arlington Place, Portsmouth, Virginia 23707-3710, (757) 393-4639, E-mail: MOMMABEE1@EARTHLINK.NET

Class of 1962

We are contacting the class of 1962 for our 40th reunion in May 2002. There will be a dinner on May 3rd at the Berwick Party House for all members and a guest. We are still trying to locate the following ladies:

  • Harriet Burwell Neiser
  • Mary Jane Hughey Ahman
  • Karen Marshall McKibben
  • Barb Conklin Howley
  • Carletta Jenkins Banks
  • Mary Ellen Bachman Toland

Please contact: Sharon Penewit Compton, 3273 Deer Path Drive, Grove City, Ohio 43123, 614-871-5870, E-mail: BCOMSCOM@AOL.COM

Class of 1967

Several members of the Class of 1967 met after the Christmas luncheon to begin planning their 35th reunion for October 19, 2002. If anyone from the class is interested in helping to organize the event, they are invited to participate.

Please contact: Diana Soergel Bussian, 210 S. Bellevue Blvd., Bellevue, Nebraska 68005-2443. (402) 292-4138, E-mail: DBUSSIAN@NEONRAMP.COM

Class of 1973

Your 30th reunion is right around the corner! Please spread the word and contact either: Vicki Whitt Pelfrey, 4983 Highlands Dr. Delaware, Ohio 43015Phone: 740-881-9761 or Pamela Ann Martin, 392 Yarmouth Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43228, RWCAlumni@aol.com


Visitor's Name: Sandra Oliver Jump
You are from: Originally Willard now Granville, Ohio
Year of Graduation 1963
Active Alumni Member: Yes
Comments: I've always appreciated the newsletter-and still do. Thanks for the commitment to keeping it going. Now I'm glad to have the website with its list of members and e-mail addresses. I loved reading the history of the school. I look forward to reconnecting with classmates at our 40th class reunion next year.
Sign Time: March 19 2002 at 15:47:43

Visitor's Name: Bonnie Bolton
You are from: Las Vegas, New Mexico
Year of Graduation 1968
Active Alumni Member: No - but I would like to be.
Comments: Just received this address from classmate Donna Tait. What a wonderfully pleasant nostalgic jolt to see the RWC pin on the pages. I still have mine, but seem to rarely wear it except at my school's graduations. Am happily teaching and working pediatrics in the land of enchantment. Started doing some classes online this year and am very impressed with what Pam has done at this site. Get mail from classmates Janie and Janell every year so hope this will lead to some more contacts. My, how our profession has and is changing! Look forward to hearing from you. I probably won't make any alumni meetings, but I will keep up with this site.
Sign Time: March 21 2002 at 10:36:31

Visitor's Name: Vicki (Whitt) Pelfrey
You are from: (originally southern Ohio); now Delaware, Ohio
Year of Graduation 1973
Active Alumni Member: No - but I would like to be.
Comments: Just wanted to "update" my last signing from 10/2000; we moved back to the Cols. area 7/2001.YIPPEE!!! Am back at RMH OB unit where I left 15 yrs. ago! Ran into a former classmate, Kris (Bailey) Baker at a local gym. We are excited about "collecting" names & addresses of our classmates to organize a 30th reunion for next yr.! Anyone with info. please contact Pam Martin or myself.
Sign Time: March 31 2002 at 09:52:23

Visitor's Name: Sue Gabel Clawson
You are from: Mason, Ohio
Year of Graduation 1967
Active Alumni Member: Yes
Comments: This is a wonderful website. Thanks to whoever did all the work on this!
Sign Time: March 31 2002 at 18:29:26

Visitor's Name: Robin Rotte Schuckman
You are from: Milford, Ohio
Year of Graduation 1973
Active Alumni Member: No - but I would like to be.
Comments: I couldn't believe the card I got in the mail yesterday from my classmate Vicki Whitt Pelfrey. I have worked as a nurse since graduating in 1973 - 14 years in Labor and Delivery in the Cincinnati area and have been working since 1987 in a busy family practice office in Madeira. I finally went back to school in January, 1997 - graduated with my BSN from the University of Cincinnati in June, 1999 and immediately went on to earn my MSN from Northern Kentucky University in May, 2001. I passed my certification exam and am currently busy practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Madeira Family Practice. I love what I am doing and have no intention of giving this up for a long, long time (God willing). I have been married to my husband, Dan since 1974. I have 4 wonderful children - my daughter, Christy, is 25 and is a physical therapist and licensed athletic trainer working as the rehab specialist in the sports medicine department at Wake Forest University. She is the trainer for the cross country and track and field teams and is responsible for post-surgical rehab of all athletes at the University. I have 3 sons - Matt is 23 and works in Indianapolis, Bill is 21, Doug is almost 19. They are both students at Miami University in Oxford. I am thrilled to have been put in touch with the RWC Alumni association again. I was a member and sometime quite a few years ago; I failed to send in my dues so thanks for the info again. Hope to hear from other classmates and see many of you next year for our 30th reunion.
Sign Time: March 30 2002 at 16:49:30


  • Jean Utley Mason 1952
  • Joanne Davis Cumbow 1946
  • Laverta A. Heinzman 1949 in memory of classmate Rita Maher Johnson
  • Mary Ellen Myers Brue 1945
  • Nancy Ellen Evans Grube 1953
  • Nola Smith Horchler 1943


  • Betty Ralph Campbell 1948
  • Betty Williams Stewart 1949
  • Beverly Elaine Southward Imbode 1958
  • Clare Lehner Callender 1945
  • Janice Patton Graham 1946
  • Marcia Everett Short 1967
  • Nancy Hays Hilton 1956
  • Patricia Louise Noll Aleshire 1976
  • Verla Masters Nielsen 1948


  • Betty Williams Stewart 1949 in memory of classmates Rita Maher Johnson and Wilda Anderson Kelly


Joanne Davis Cumbow (1946) writes, "After almost 2 years of illness (strokes, diabetes, hypertension), my husband Jim of 54 years died November 17, 2001. Iím doing well thanks to family and friends".


Janice Patton Graham (1946) writes, "I donít know who is responsible for the lifetime membership act! I want the Alumni to know that it is a very nice gesture and greatly appreciated. I still enjoy the annual luncheon. Wish more of our class would attend".

Does anyone know the whereabouts of a student in the mid-1960ís by the name of Holly Long? I was contacted recently by a gentleman who saw our website and would like to renew an old college friendship with her.

Rita Jane Smith (1966) will have available at the May 2002 luncheon, 100 white bricks from the School of Nursing dormitory, which has been torn down to make room for the new ED heart hospital. Currently, in their rough state, each brick has an engraved plate, and will be available at a cost of $5.00 each


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  • Our new Membership/Correspondence Secretary, Patty Persinger Reed (1977) is now handling all membership dues. Send your dues to Patty at 1839 Ramblewood Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43235. Patty can be contacted via email at: PRECIOUSPATTY@COLUMBUS.RR.COM
  • Items of interest for the newsletter can be sent to Pamela A. Martin (1973), 392 Yarmouth Lane, Columbus, Ohio, 43228 or sent by e-mail to: RWCALUMNI@AOL.COM Do NOT send dues or luncheon reservations to Pam.
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  • Your mailing label has a NEW look and is now showing the year through which your dues are paid! "LT" indicates you are a Lifetime Member!
  • Any alumnus who has graduated more than 50 years ago is entitled to Lifetime Membership status that allows them FREE membership and newsletters. Please keep us apprised of address changes.
  • Planning a reunion? Our Membership Secretary, Patty Persinger Reed (1977), has a large database file of recent Alumni members and may be able to help you find that long lost classmate. And our Newsletter Editor, Pamela Ann Martin (1973), can post your messages here in the newsletter and on our Internet Website to help you locate everyone on your list. Contact us!


"Hi this is Peggy Law McGovern (1965). I'm still in Indiana and am starting a new job after 14 1/2 years in an ENT office... I'm going with a home health care called Americare out of Franklin, In and I'm going to be a field representative for them doing their marketing and trying to increase their business... It sounds fun... out and about rather than in an office... Recently I have talked with Sherrie Gale Kramer and I talk with Claudia Jenkins Sloan frequently too but I've lost touch with Judy Robinson and Betsey Eal and Jan Dorsey 1965 if you are out there please contact me I'd love to hear from you all and anyone... My address is 3125 Buckmoor Pkwy, Greenwood, In 46143, phone 317-882-0038 and email pegndickin@aol.com Our youngest son Joe 29 is recovering from testicle cancer so if you know of any young men be sure to have them check themselves especially ages 15-35. Joe found his and it was early... Love to you all I love the newsletter but none of my classmates write much... Peggy"